• Our poll has finished! Our new mascot for the next month is... Honoka... again... Uh, well... this is awkawrd. Oh well! She was the first HONOloid released, and she's a lovable character, so I'm proud to announce Kozoku Honoka as our newest mascot for october!~ Thanks to those who voted, and better luck next time to those who didn't get to be mascot!
  • Here's the all new mascot poll! click here to vote on who should be our newest leader/mascot for the HONOloids! Will it be Honoka again, or someone new!
  • Take this Seme and Uke poll: ( By Kame(?))
  • After a whole week of voting here, we're proud to say that Kozoku Honoka has won! She will now be our new mascot and leader for the Honoloids! It doesn't help that her name includes 'hono' just like 'HONOloids'... Ironic? Or just a consequence? Oh well, at least we have ourselves a mascot now! Congratulations to everyone else. Don't worry, every three months we select a new mascot, so there's still a chance!
  • Hoshi is receiving an update! A Power append!
  • We're gaining a new UTAU! Visit back shorty to find out who! Here's a hint, 'he' is an utaite, and starts with an L, and ends with an L! He's also part of simplicity*Chorus! It is revealed that Yuta's voicebank owner - Dom - knows him in person! 
  • It's been revealed that the owners of Honoka and Teku are making an UTAU toghether; two twin UTAUs! Check back soon for more details! For now, all we can say is that they're going to be twins! Their gender is still unknown, but it won't be far until they're finally released!

【Kozoku Honoka - Batora Teku】Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!【UTAU】04:08

【Kozoku Honoka - Batora Teku】Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!【UTAU】


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