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Hibiki Kei

(Japanese: ひびきけい Hibiki Kei)

ひびき  (Hibiki) - Echo; sound
けい (Kei) - common Japanese first name

MODEL: C3 (found on his ankle, and is in the shape of his favorite food: chicken legs)

Shizu Yuta  (best friend)

Kozoku Honoka (a love hate friendship)

Batora Teku  (idol and crush(?))

AGE 17 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Omelette's youtube page
WEIGHT 103 lbs CHARACTER ITEM A pair of drumsticks  CREATOR



September 24th

LIKES Cooked chicken legs, drums, hugs, floors MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES summer, hot weather, planes SIGNATURE SONG N/A

Kei is an upbeat, flayboyant boy who likes hugs. Although he may seem childish, he's really mature and caring - when he's not busy eating chicken legs, that is. Kei loves anyone and anything that's green, and acting like a kamidere He also feels attracted to floors in a weird way.

Character DesignEdit

Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
Shirt: A white long sleeved shirt with a yellow and green striped tie
Pants: A long pair of grey pants with a green belt
Feet: Black converses


Shizu Yuta: Yuta is Kei's childhood friend, and they get along greatly. Although Yuta seems kuudere to most people, he talks too much infront of Kei - thus resulting in a chicken leg to the mouth. Yuta is also Kei's best friend. 

Kozoku Honoka: Honoka and Kei often have a love-hate relationship thing going on, usually because of them arguing all the time over the most stupidest things, such as who should be in charge, who is more awesome, or the difference between chickens and roosters. When they're not arguing, they get along just fine and chummy.

Batora Teku: Teku is Kei's idol, mainly because she's the only one who can win against Honoka. He once had mistaken Teku as a boy, thus resulting in total embarrasement. Kei also likes her voice, because it's not that girly sounding, like most of the other female UTAUs. *cough* such as Honoka*cough*

The floor: The floor and Kei go way back. No, not really. Kei just has this unusual and strange attraction to the ground, and often finds himself sitting on it rather than on a chair. He hates high places and prefers to be on the ground. 


  • Often argues with Honoka over the fact that chickens and roosters are both the same, no matter how you cook them or how they taste. (Thus creating the love-hate relationship between the two)
  • Bot Kei and Yuta are childhood friends and get along great.
  • Batora Teku is Kei's idol, for her ability to win against Honoka.
  • Kei seems up himself at times, but really, he's just shy about his appearance.
  • Kei can be classified as a tsundere, since he usually acts like one in-front of strangers. 
  • Likes playing the drums.

Usage ClauseEdit

You can use Kei as you want, but you are not allowed to pitchbend other than to suit the song, redistribute or claim him as your own. You may also not make money from him, or use him in any other way than for UTAU related purposes.

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